The Development of Solar Energy in Brazil

I went on unproductive land while in the state of Bahia where the soil is bad and it rains quite minor, the initial solar park to operate on a substantial scale while in the country was born, that's, to provide and sell solar power in huge quantities. Far more than 500,000 solar panels are already installed here and the energy they create is ample to provide 165,000 properties.

In Bom Jesus da Lapa / Bahia, that is well situated from the scenario the place the radiation in Brazil is presently a part of a zone that has a high incidence of solar radiation and the place there is a very lower rainfall index, mainly because if there isn't any land of its own, this inhibits action.

The generation of electrical energy in photovoltaic plants is latest and because of the personal investment of the jump while in the final years in 2016 there were 457 megawatts in 2017 one more 36 have been inaugurated with capacity to make more than 900 megawatts even now have 28 plants below construction and much more 781 megawatts really should enter the program later this yr.

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